Papa Phis 2016

Hello Parents!

Last weekend, our chapter had our annual photoshoot. We loved getting all dressed up and spending the day taking photos with our sisters! The official photos will be coming soon, but here’s a sneak peek of some of my favorites. 🙂

This past weekend we had one of our favorite events of the year, Papa Phis! Huge thank you to all of the parents, family, and friends that came out to cheer on the Brewers with us! Check out some of the great pictures below. Here’s a little note from this year’s Papa Phi Chair, Erin McSweeney!

Hey families! My name is Erin McSweeney and I was Papa Phi’s chair for this past weekends dad’s event. I just wanted to say thank you all so much for attending and I hope you had so much fun at the game and in Milwaukee for the weekend. Through the raffle for the Marquette bags set, we were able to raise $910 for the Alpha Phi Foundation and I want to thank each and every one of you for your generous donations to support women’s heart health and the Alpha Phi sorority. We’re looking forward to having some of you back next year for Papa Phi’s, thanks again!!

Love seeing great pictures of our chapter? Click the link below to our tumblr to stay updated! New pictures are added all the time. 🙂

As always, email me with any questions, and have a great start to fall!


Spring/Summer 2016 Recap

Hello parents!

Long time, no see. I hope you all had a wonderful summer with your daughters. I’m so happy to have everyone back together at Marquette!

Spring semester got away from me, as it does, and I failed to update you all on the great things we did. When we left off, we had just added 53 new members to our chapter, and now we have gotten to know (and LOVE!) them all. A few weeks after Bid Day, we had initiation where all of our new members officially became sisters!! It was extremely exciting for all of us, and we couldn’t be more excited to make it official.

Just after initiation, we have our favorite volunteering day of the year. Make A Difference Day is a day when all of Marquette’s Greek Organizations, and some students not involved in Greek Life, come together to, well, make a difference in Milwaukee. This year, Alpha Phi packed boxes of food. Not only did we get a lot of work done, we had a ton of fun, too!

On April 15th, we had our biggest philanthropy event of the year, Red Dress Gala! Parents, alumnae and, of course, our great chapter gathered together to raise money for the Alpha Phi Foundation and celebrate another great year. We raised a ton of money and had an awesome time!!

As it happens when May rolls around, we had another class of Alpha Phis graduate. We celebrated seniors with a traditional Alpha Phi pinning ceremony and a luncheon at Bucco di Beppo. I know I enjoyed spending a great final day with all of our seniors, as well as eating as much Italian food as possible! 🙂 Graduation was a few weeks later, and I know I’ll miss our 2016 Graduating Class!

This summer, our Alpha Phis traveled to some amazing places, and did some amazing things! Some sisters traveled abroad, some took classes, some explored the U.S., and some volunteered. Below are some of my personal favorite pictures of our members and their adventures!

And then here we are, back at Marquette for the Fall 2016 semester. After being apart for so long, we’re all so glad to see our sisters, as well as move-in to our BRAND NEW HOUSE!!!! The construction crew is just about done with the outside, but we’re all just fine enjoying the beautiful new interior we are so lucky to reside in at 1517 W Kilbourn Ave.

This week, we had our first events of the year, our back-to-school pot luck at the house, and O-fest, where we set up a table to get freshmen excited about recruitment!

This semester we have a lot of really exciting things going on! Our top priority right now is Papa Phi’s, our annual baseball game that serves as a Daddy/Daughter event. However, just because it’s Papa Phi’s doesn’t mean we don’t LOVE when Moms, siblings, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and any other family members attend the event! The more the merrier! Your daughters should have reserved tickets for you, so we now it’s all about marking your calendar for September 24th and counting down the days to another great event!

As always, feel free to contact me or post on the Facebook page with any questions!

Facebook Page:

I look forward to hearing from and seeing you all soon!


2016 Updates!

Hello Parents!

I am the new Director of Parent & Alumnae Relations! I am a sophomore majoring in Psychology. I am so excited to a part of Alpha Phi, and especially excited for my new position! This past year in Alpha Phi has been wonderful, and I look forward to the next 2 and a half years here at Marquette.

My job as Director of Parent Relations is to keep you all updated on the new and exciting things your daughters are doing within our chapter. This blog and our newly launched PARENT FACEBOOK PAGE will be your sources for all things Alpha Phi at Marquette. Information on all of our events, especially Red Dress Gala (April) and Papa Phis (September), which you get to participate in!

Additionally, I ask that if at any time you want to contact the chapter, you go through me and I can either put you in contact with another sister or answer you directly. Please don’t hesitate to email me with questions, comments, ideas, or anything else!

Now, onto the fun stuff. 🙂

This semester is off to a very quick start for our chapter! We had a busy January preparing for and participating in Formal Recruitment. We met a lot of great girls throughout the crazy week of recruitment and were so excited to welcome about 50 new girls into our sisterhood on Bid Day. I know I had a great time hanging out with all of our new sisters at our carnival themed event afterwards!

12622271_10204121901968227_7173222565675216453_o 12640410_10205071062325868_3233786562088986540_o 12662515_1115740328459233_7925717334591221770_n

This past week (Feb. 21) was Big/Little week- one of the best weeks of the entire year! New members and sophomores are matched up, and the older girls give the new members anonymous gifts throughout the week, like APhi apparel, crafts, blankets, and more! It’s so hard to keep the big/little pairings a secret for a whole week!

Then, on Friday (Feb. 26), we have a big reveal! This year, the new members were given a balloon with their initials on it. They popped the balloon and found a piece of wrapping paper inside. All of the Bigs were wrapped up in matching wrapping paper, and it was the Littles’ job to find their wrapping paper and unwrap their Big! There tons of laughs, screams, smiles and even tears of joy as Littles were welcomed into all of our amazing Phamilies. Even our Phis Overseas (sisters studying abroad!) got in the fun. Erin, who is studying abroad in Ireland this semester, cropped herself into her Pham pic so she could be part of reveal, too! (bottom right picture). We all had a ton of fun giving/getting gifts, and being a part of reveal!

12804865_10208642073749109_1195793752055747405_n 10339441_10205984108346877_8135985187658759251_o12801506_10153944089954257_1731740132222200766_n12801459_10205556548695281_3014574992227493900_n

Our chapter has a busy and exciting weekend coming up, too! Friday and Saturday bring us Initiation, where our new members will go through a ceremony and rituals, as well as some fun bonding activities for all of our sisters! I know I’m excited! 🙂

Stay on the lookout for more updates throughout the semester- it’s shaping up to be pretty great so far!

And don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions!


A new house? Yes please!

Hi all!

I thought I would give you a little update on our new chapter house being built right now!

The ground was broken on our new chapter house only a few weeks ago. This house will be three stories, have a french façade, and house more than 25 of our sisters. It is being built only one block West of our current chapter house on West Kilbourn Avenue in Milwaukee.

Our current chapter house located on West Kilbourn Avenue in Milwaukee, WI.

Our current chapter house located on West Kilbourn Avenue in Milwaukee, WI.

We are very excited and grateful to have the opportunity to move into a beautiful brand new house, made specifically for our chapter, this coming summer. We love our current house and will be sad to see it go, along with all the memories from it, but can’t wait to begin making new memories in this gorgeous new house!


The foundation of the new Alpha Phi Eta Mu chapter house!

Love and AOE,

Lucy Mugford

Director of Parent Relations

A Very Phi Fall!

A very Phi Fall!

This semester has been flying by after one busy summer! We have had lots of fun bonding with sisters at events this semester like our Back to School BBQ, handing out lemonade and sweet tea on campus at Sweet Tea with Alpha Phi, Papa Phi’s weekend, a sisterhood retreat at Apple Holler and our “Holidays” themed Date Party.

At the back to school BBQ, we grilled hotdogs and ate snow cones while catching up with our sisters after the summer!


Sweet Tea with Alpha Phi is one of our favorite events! It is the second year that we have done this, and we love it because it allows us to interact with the students on campus and just have fun. We give out free lemonade, sweet tea, or “Arny Palmers” to students on their way to class for a sweet treat.


Papa Phi’s weekend was in September, another one of our favorites. All our “papas” came into town and we tailgated the Milwaukee Brewers game with pulled pork sammies, salad, chips and of course cookies! It was a bummer the Brewers lost that night, but having fun with our dads and sisters was more fun than we could’ve asked for!

12049482_1050861064947160_7293782809205815863_n 12046811_532810060204025_5084277272514232879_n

Apple Holler is a wonderful event because in addition to the s’mores, apple cider donuts, laughs and hugs we have there, we welcomed three new sisters to our chaper that day! Daiva Wise (Junior), Leila Kane (Sophomore), and Kira Williamson (Sophomore) accepted bids and we are so happy they did! Erin Trotter (Sophomore) also just accepted her bid from us a few days ago, making the newbies at a total of 4!

April, Anna Nicole and Maggie make the cutest Phi Family!

April, Anna Nicole and Maggie make the cutest Phi Family!

Two weeks ago was our first social event of the year, a “Holidays” themed Date Party. At Date Parties, Alpha Phis choose one person to accompany them to a fun night of food and dancing at a great venue in Milwaukee. This event was at The Point in Milwaukee, a new (and awesomely cool) event center. The dance floor was plenty big enough for all of us and our feet were definitely sore the next day from all that groovin!

Nikki and Bailey dressed up as Cinco de Mayo for the date party

Nikki and Bailey dressed up as Cinco de Mayo for the date party

Our next event coming up is our annual philanthropy event, Alpha Phiesta! Alpha Phiesta is an all-you-can-eat-taco party. Guests pay $5 for entry, and all proceeds go to our philanthropy, the Alpha Phi Foundation. The Alpha Phi Foundation supports women’s heart health, a topic close to many of our sisters’ hearts. If you’re interested in coming, check our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more details!


If you don’t follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, do it now! It’s the best way to keep up with everything we are up to this year. Also, check out our Tumblr for more fun photos of the phis!

Alpha Phi Marquette-3

Love and AOE,

Lucy Mugford

Director of Parent Relations

An update on Bigs/Littles, Spring Break & Initiation

Dear parents,

Time for an update of our crazy semester…

The week of February 23 was Big/Little week – new members get “big sisters,” to act as mentors and role models in Alpha Phi. Bigs found out who their littles were the night of February 17th, then it was a waiting game until the big reveal on February 28th. Bigs showered their littles with gifts including Alpha Phi crafts, Alpha Phi apparel, Marquette gear, snacks, etc. It was so hard to keep the secret all week of who their littles were! Then, on the day of reveal, bigs decorated large cardboard boxes and hid inside of them while their little stood in front of the box. On the count of 3, bigs popped out of their boxes. What followed was lots of smiles, hugs, and even tears of joy.

1520752_10203587435508682_9022681296857602969_n10991752_10205331080970484_938216205011424938_o 18314_10205023276214456_3660065268636527329_n 11046264_10205001064900010_5758293612495618340_n 11054398_644180242395040_7985544783425984527_o

Next, Marquette went on Spring Break, and many Alpha Phis traveled all over the country – and the world! A group of sophomores soaked up the sun in San Diego, California, while a group of seniors got their vitamin D in on the beaches of Miami, Florida. A few freshman and sophomores volunteered in New Orleans and New York with MARDI GRAS, a service organization that does hurricane relief in both locations. Sophomore Courtney Jack found herself in Ireland for the week and sophomores Kate Sickels and Hannah Altenburg traveled to China with the business school. I’m sure there are many more amazing trips I am missing, but that’s just a taste of what our Phis did during a week of no classes!

This past weekend we had initiation for our new members of Alpha Phi! The weekend started off with a flower ceremony on Thursday night. Parents of each of the new members wrote their daughters a letter which the bigs read to them. Bigs also got their littles flowers and presented these to them when they read the parent’s letter. Friday night, we had the Court of Ivy ceremony followed by an initiation retreat. The next morning all Alpha Phis were required to be at the Wisconsin Center at 8 am for initiation at 9 am. The ceremony was beautifully executed and afterward, new members were presented with Initiation “surprise baskets” from their bigs. These baskets included Alpha Phi crafts, Alpha Phi apparel and other Alpha Phi goodies! We are so excited to begin to share this lifelong tradition of sisterhood and friendship with our lovely new members!


We look forward to seeing you at our Red Dress Gala, coming up soon on April 10th!



A Letter from the Incoming Director of Parent and Alumnae Relations

Dear Parents of Alpha Phi,

My name is Lucy Mugford, and I’m the new Director of Parent and Alumnae Relations for 2015! I am a sophomore double majoring in Secondary Education and Spanish, so the end goal is to be a high school Spanish teacher. I am so grateful to be part of an organization full of the most amazing and inspiring women I have met in my life. In my short year in Alpha Phi, this sisterhood has benefited me in so many ways already, and I have made friends I know will last a lifetime. I am excited to hold this new position, and I look forward to getting to know all of you! My job is to keep you updated with upcoming events our chapter holds, and especially events you are encouraged to participate in, such as Red Dress Gala in April and Papa Phis in the fall. It is really important to me to make sure you, the parents, feel involved and up-to-date with happenings in Alpha Phi. We know how much you do for your daughters! Look to this blog for updates regarding upcoming events including our new Pledge class, Initiation, Red Dress Gala and other events we will be having soon. I ask that if at any time you want to contact the chapter, you go through me and I can either put you in contact with another sister or answer you directly. Please don’t hesitate to email me with questions, comments, ideas, or anything else!



Red Dress Gala 2014

At Alpha Phi Eta Mu (Marquette University), we hold our philanthropy near and dear to our heart. Every year Alpha Phi Eta Mu hosts the Red Dress Gala, which benefits our philanthropy, the Alpha Phi Foundation. This foundation serves to provide funds for research in the field of cardiac care as well as funding for leadership and scholarship activities for our members internationally.

This year, the Red Dress Gala was a completely new experience! In years past, the Gala was a brunch for Alpha Phi’s and the special women in their lives. This year, Eta Mu chose to change it up and create a cocktail hour complete with entertainment and a silent auction for family and friends of any age. The event was held at the Tripoli Shrine Center in Milwaukee, WI, and was attended by over 375 guests. The silent auction, a prominent feature of the Gala, was comprised of 72 auction items donated by Phis and their families, local businesses, and Alpha Phi alumnae. Each pledge class also got together and created their own basket(s) in a competition to see whose would auction for the most money. The sophomore pledge class won, with two baskets (a panini basket and a baking basket) for a total of $500. Other activities of the night included serenades by the Meladies and the Naturals, which are the all-female and all-male acapella singing groups on campus, and a speech presented by Mary Raitt, on behalf of the Alpha Phi Foundation.

We would love to thank several people for the success of this event: Natalie Kroeger (VP Marketing), Shawni Smith (Red Dress Chair 2014), and Alexa Piske (Red Dress Chair 2015). This event would not have been such a success without the hard work and dedication of these wonderful ladies and everyone else on the many committees that made the night possible. We are proud to announce that we raised roughly $10,900 for the Alpha Phi Foundation. What a success!

2014 Red Dress Gala

Dear Parents of Alpha Phi,
Each year Marquette’s Eta Mu chapter of Alpha Phi puts on the Red Dress Gala to raise money for our philanthropy, The Alpha Phi Foundation which supports women’s heart health. In the past, we have extended an invitation to the women who are closest to each Alpha Phi, including mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers. This year we are changing the event so that all people close to each woman can come and support our philanthropy, including fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers and family friends!
Red Dress will be held, April 4, at the Tripoli Shrine Center located just a few minutes away from Marquette’s campus. Our event will be a cocktail hour event with delicious appetizers and desserts, and a silent auction with great baskets, gift cards and items donated by girls, their families and local vendors. If you and your family would like to donate an item, basket, or service of any sort to our Red Dress auction, we would greatly appreciate it! All donations to the Alpha Phi Red Dress Gala are 501(c)-3 tax deductible, and all proceeds from the auction go to the Alpha Phi Foundation, which supports heart health research and care.
We are really excited about our Red Dress Gala and hope you are too! It’s the biggest fundraising event we host in the spring and it’s always so much fun to not only have our families with us to support our cause, but to meet the parents of our fellow sisters as well. There will be an official invitation to the event that will be sent out in the near future, so be on the lookout for that! We look forward to seeing you come April!
Casey Devlin
Director of Parent Relations
Alpha Phi Eta Mu Chapter